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Andrew Donarumo

Chief Technology Officer

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Andrew Donarumo leads the development of MedSec’s industry leading technology and solutions for medical device management. He oversees the implementation of the installation of MedScan, the company’s proprietary and cutting-edge technology, nationwide in hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare delivery organizations. Leveraging his extensive background in cybersecurity and engineering, he applies innovative, proven, and novel approaches to solve the complex challenges inherent in the healthcare industry.


Andrew has spent dozens of years tackling security challenges, from strategic to tactical, holding leadership roles in high-profile companies. Prior to joining MedSec, he served as enterprise architect at Genpact, where he led the company’s Oasis technology department, including development, promotion, and adoption of technology strategy, best practices, and standards. Additionally, past roles include positions as enterprise architect and technology evangelist at Bridgewater Associates, and chief technology officer, internal systems, for Dow Jones.

Frequently called upon for his thought leadership and industry expertise, Andrew is a regular speaker and article contributor on the topic of hands-on technical solutions, logic and design gaps, and analyzing business processes.

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