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For Healthcare Delivery Organizations

Healthcare Cybersecurity Consulting

Stay Vigilant

What you can’t see can still hurt you. MedSec can help you secure your network and target threats in real-time, while providing in-person guidance.

Lots Of Devices.
Less Vulnerability.

They’re Everywhere You Look

It’s hard to set your sight anywhere in a hospital and not see a medical device. From triage in the emergency department, to imaging suites, to operating rooms, to the patient’s bedside: medical devices are everywhere. And every device connected to your hospital’s network represents a doorway for a potential cyberattack.

At MedSec, we help hospitals and health systems manage their medical devices in the context of cybersecurity.

  • How many devices do you have, and what do they do?

  • Which devices are being used, and which are sitting idle?

  • How old are your devices (or the software they’re running)?

  • Which systems do your devices communicate with?

  • Are your devices communicating securely?

  • How do you know if your devices are behaving erratically?

  • What is the risk profile of my medical device inventory?

Our team will help answer these questions and – more importantly – help your organization develop a structured, disciplined approach to managing medical device cybersecurity.


Ask Our Experts Anything

The MedSec team of cybersecurity experts focuses exclusively on serving the needs of the healthcare industry. And we have answers for whatever challenges your organization faces. Our hospital consulting services include:

Medical Device Cybersecurity Governance

Establishing a cybersecurity governance structure for medical devices is fundamental for success. MedSec’s subject matter experts bring decades of experience in the development of governance structures and models that effectively manage enterprise cybersecurity risk incurred through the purchase and use of medical devices.

Medical Device Asset Inventory

You cannot secure what you don’t know you have. The foundation of executing a successful medical device cybersecurity program is knowing what medical devices you have, where they are, what they are doing, and whether they need cybersecurity attention.

MedSec offers both services and solutions to tackle this unique and fundamental challenge.

Medical Device Procurement and Contracting

The cybersecurity lifecycle of a medical device starts at the time of purchase. The MedSec team helps healthcare organizations develop baseline cybersecurity expectations for incoming medical devices, negotiate with vendors on security aspects of purchases, and work on cybersecurity questionnaires to quickly assess if a potential purchase meets cybersecurity expectations.

Medical Device Vulnerability Assessment

High-risk medical device systems should be tested for cybersecurity weakness, which could introduce significant risks to patients, network infrastructures, patient care, and business operations. Traditional cybersecurity teams don’t understand unique or nuanced characteristics and requirements of medical devices in patient care environments, but the MedSec team specializes in unique facets of the industry.

Medical Device Cybersecurity Maintenance

Medical device cybersecurity is an ongoing process. Just as medical devices need traditional preventative maintenance, they also need cybersecurity maintenance. The MedSec team can assist hospitals in the development of processes and procedures for maintaining the cybersecurity of medical devices.

Medical Device Mitigation Strategies

Proper securing and protection of medical devices can pose unique problems, whether it involves firewalls, IT tool configuration, or network segmentation. MedSec’s team specializes in medical device cybersecurity and can partner with hospital organizations to develop and execute effective medical device mitigation plans for new and legacy devices.

Medical Device Training and Education

Education in medical device cybersecurity is imperative. Staff members become empowered and engaged with the process when they understand the situation, the causes, the actors, and the language of cybersecurity. MedSec’s team can provide medical device cybersecurity training to dispense knowledge to clinical and IT teams.

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