Installation & Onboarding



Protect your organization’s medical devices from cyberthreats.

We know the challenges you face when it comes to adding technology to your existing systems. In addition to interoperability challenges inside and outside your organization, you likely are experiencing more demand on internal resources than ever before.


We can help. Our easy onboarding includes personal guidance that will lead to a smooth start, and near-instant improvement to your organizations’ cybersecurity.


The Interview

We get to know our clients so we can deploy the best solutions to resolve unique pain points. We will review your current threat detection methodologies and identify your greatest vulnerabilities. We also determine the level of involvement your team will have in the intake process and review topics such as:

  • Lack of automated threat detection

  • Delayed reporting

  • Lack of team training and staff expertise

  • Outdated medical device software versions

  • Inaccurate or incomplete inventory of your devices