MedScan Technology



Optimize the Management of Your Medical Devices with one Turnkey Solution

Your healthcare delivery organization deserves an affordable, effective way to protect your data, your systems, your employees, and, most of all, your patients!

Save Time, Target Your Highest Risks

At the heart of the MedScan technology is our Risk Impact Prioritization (RIP) model. RIP analyzes not only the criticality of vulnerabilities and threats but also factors in your organization’s risk culture to identify what matters most to you.


The Outcome – a roadmap unique to your organization - target risks introducing the greatest operational risk based on the impact and likelihood of a potential cybersecurity event. 


Simplify the Management of Response Activities

MedScan’s intuitive UI provides access to a clear, consumable data scorecard to seamlessly prioritize and manage actions


MedScan Features

Easily installed and configured, MedScan’s agentless technology:

  • Detects and classifies every medical device on the network offering exceptional visibility

  • Associates devices with vulnerabilities and the potential to exploit   

  • Provides increased efficiency and reliability leveraging InsightPoolTM, MedSec’s rich, dynamic source of aggregated and predictive data 

  • Monitors devices in real time 24x7 – identifies threats and alerts your team to act rapidly to mitigate risk