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Medical Device Cybersecurity For Hospitals



Protect your organization’s medical devices from cyberthreats.

The One Cybersecurity Solution For Your Hospital’s Medical Devices

Technological breakthroughs in medicine have changed the way we diagnose and treat patients, and they have saved countless lives. This technology, often in the form of medical devices – big and small – have become ubiquitous in hospitals around the globe.

However, the abundance of medical devices connected to hospitals’ networks has given cyberattackers a new entryway to access healthcare organizations’ IT systems and do harm.


MedScan, A Cybersecurity Software Solution From MedSec

MedScan offers hospitals a turnkey solution to manage the security of every medical device throughout the enterprise.


Developed by MedSec, MedScan monitors every medical device on the network and – in real time – identifies threats and alerts your team to take action.


Our solution provides your healthcare delivery organization an affordable, effective way to protect your data, your systems, your employees, and, most of all, your patients.

Why Hospitals Choose MedScan

  • Automated cybersecurity risk management across the medical device fleet

  • Designed to enhance HDO-specific workflows, with healthcare-specific security capabilities

  • Continuous reporting of security alerts

  • Scalable and flexible to meet demands of organizational growth or contraction

  • Helps organizations see what devices they actually use, and which they can eliminate

  • Agentless approach works with any operating system, platform, or IT infrastructure

  • Tiered licensing models making security automation accessible for the smallest to the largest hospitals

  • On-site training and installation ensure seamless, easy onboarding

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