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Michelle Jump


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Michelle Jump is at the helm of MedSec’s growth, expansion, and overall success strategies. She is an active participant in the development of U.S. and international standards and regulations surrounding medical device cybersecurity. Recognized for her deep industry knowledge, she frequently serves as a panel member, session leader, and presenter at events focused on cybersecurity in healthcare.

Michelle is the co-chair for the Software working group and the Health Software Quality working group, both part of the Association of the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI). She has served on the AAMI Standards Board and has participated as the primary U.S. representative for the International Medical Device Regulators Forum (IMDRF) where she was part of the “Software as a Medical Device” working group.

Additionally, her industry expertise and leadership encompass:

Author and Project Lead

  • Convener ISO/TC 215 WG4 Security, Safety and Privacy in Healthcare

  • ISO/IEC 81001 Project Lead

  • Task Group Lead:  NTIA Software Transparency

  • U.S. Technical Expert ISO 81001-5-1, IEC 62304, ISO/IEC 80001 series, ISO/IEC 27799

  • Contributing Expert: AAMI TIR 57, AAMI TIR 97, AAMI TIR 69, AAMI SW 96, UL 2900, UL 2800, ISO-IEC 80001-2-2, ISO-IEC 80001-2-8, ISO-IEC 80001-2-9



  • ISO/TC 215 JWG 7, JWG 3

  • AAMI Device Security Interoperability, Software, Wireless

  • AAMI/UL 2800 Interoperability

  • CVSS Medical Device Rubric

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