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Phil Englert

Chief Product Officer

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Phil Englert serves as the head of product strategy for MedSec leading the vision, innovation, design, and product marketing for MedSec, MedShield and associated healthcare advisory services and products. He has a deep knowledge of clinical settings and extensive knowledge of medical technology.


Phil is a seasoned executive leader with a background that includes leading strategy and tactics development for a $250m MedTech services organization supporting over 130 Acute Care facilities across 22 states. 


His career spans over 30 years of technical and operational leadership in the healthcare and life sciences space focused on strategic direction setting, operations improvement, and data and technology-enabled business optimization and transformation initiatives. Phil has led the development of Medical Device Security Programs including governance and operations, vulnerability and patch management, incident response, medical device alerts & SOC integration enabling the prioritization of impactful strategic initiatives and effective maintenance and response activities. 


Phil is a highly regarded speaker within the MedTech cybersecurity community and a respected contributor with regulatory and standards organizations. His industry expertise and affiliations encompass MITA MDS2 2019, NTIA SBOM, ISO 80001 Application of Risk Management for IT-networks, MITRE CVSS Medicalization working group, ISA 99/IEC 62443 Industrial Network and system security, UL 2900 Software Cybersecurity for Network-Connectable Products, ISO TC215 Healthcare Informatics, AAMI TIR97 Principles for medical device security – Post-market security management for device manufacturers, AAMI TIR97, Interoperability Working Group, HSCC Secure Supply chain, and MDIC 5G Healthcare working groups,