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Hospital Medical Device Cybersecurity Firm Hires New Chief Technology Officer

MedSec Expands Executive Leadership Team As Its MedScan Software Gains Momentum

MIAMI, FLFebruary 16, 2021 – MedSec, a company focused solely on cybersecurity for both medical device manufacturers and the hospitals and health systems that use those devices, announced today the addition of Andrew Donarumo to its executive team as Chief Technology Officer. Among his responsibilities, Mr. Donarumo will manage MedSec’s implementation strategy of MedScan, a cybersecurity solution for hospitals and health systems to effectively monitor their thousands of medical devices.

“It’s a pleasure to welcome Andrew on board,” said Justine Bone, CEO of MedSec. “He is a results-oriented problem solver who has, over the course of his career, influenced security and technology trends, established best practices, and displayed real vision in the cybersecurity field. As we continue to expand the rollout of MedSec, Andrew’s experience will allow him to make a similar impact on the future of healthcare cybersecurity – helping advance patient safety by protecting hospitals’ connected medical devices.”

Mr. Donarumo has spent dozens of years tackling security challenges, from strategic to tactical, and has held leadership roles in many high-profile companies. Prior to joining MedSec, he served as Enterprise Architect at Genpact, where he led the company’s Oasis Technology Department, including the development, promotion, and adoption of technology strategy, best practices, and standards. He also served as Enterprise Architect and Technology Evangelist at Bridgewater Associates, and as Chief Technology Officer for Internal Systems at Dow Jones.

Mr. Donarumo will oversee MedSec’s technology teams as they install MedScan nationwide at hospitals, health systems, and other healthcare delivery organizations (HDOs). The “agentless” system monitors thousands of medical devices in real time for threats without the need to perform active investigation of network devices. MedScan helps HDOs identify and locate medical devices on their networks, target threats, and secure their networks against suspect activity.

“As MedSec continues on our rapid growth trajectory, we recognize the need to build our own infrastructure vis-à-vis a more robust executive leadership team,” added Justine Bone. “Welcoming Andrew to the company is serendipitous – a perfect match at a perfect time, when we are expanding rapidly, and when our industry faces new threats.”

Mr. Donarumo earned a dual Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Computer Systems Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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About MedSec

MedSec, located in Miami, Florida, is a company focused solely on cybersecurity for both medical device manufacturers and the healthcare delivery organizations that use those devices. The company’s leadership team includes among the most-respected cybersecurity experts in the world, many of whom are regular contributors to the security guidelines and regulations administered by the FDA and other international regulatory bodies.

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