Utilization & Inventory Control



Protect your organization’s medical devices from cyberthreats.

Know Where Your Devices Are Hiding

It may seem obvious, but to ensure your medical devices are secure from cyber threats, you need to know what medical devices you have. Likewise, you need to know where your medical devices are located, and what they are doing.

As straightforward as this may sound, many hospitals and health systems are hard-pressed to instantly – or even over the course of days – account for all of the medical devices operating within their facilities. And with 15-20% of hospitals’ end-points represented by medical devices, gaps in inventory control can represent increased vulnerability.


Find, Monitor, Measure

Among the first things clients report when they install MedScan is their surprise about how many medical devices their organization owns or leases. In addition, clients are also often surprised to learn how many of their devices go unused – but still represent a security risk and acquisition costs.

With MedScan, your hospital will be able to instantly identify and locate all of its connected medical devices. What’s more, you’ll be able to monitor utilization and make informed decisions for future procurement or disposition of equipment, possibly saving your organization hundreds of thousands of dollars.